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Our equipment at Genesis is second to none: We use the best durable medical equipment and orthopedic supplies that money can buy to service the patients that are prescribed to us.

We at Genesis Medical personally spend as much time as possible with each and every patient to insure the prescribing physician is getting what he or she wants accomplished. All of our equipment is PDAC coded and approved by Medicare.

We can get almost any make, model, or brand of equipment that the physician or medical staff wants.

*We do all pre-certifications for the doctor’s office.* We also fit patients at our comfortable office, at their home, or wherever the patient requests.

Locally Owned and Operated We are a locally owned and operated D.M.E. company in Louisiana (not based in other states as most other D.M.E. companies are). After every fitting we do a pain reduction and/or comfort report, to show the doctors and medical staff the outcomes on each and every prescription (if the patient allows). We love what we do and it shows.